ECAA Community Market

We’re Switching Gears!

The Elbert County Agricultural Alliance was founded in part to help support small rural and agriculturally-based businesses. Because of the uncertainty we face with COVID-19 and state and local regulations, we’re concerned about our ability to host a safe and successful event for our guests, vendors, and presenters. After much discussion and planning, we’ve decided to make some changes to this year’s Homestead Fair. In order to ensure that customers in and around Elbert County will have an opportunity to buy from local businesses, and vendors will have an opportunity to sell their locally made, grown, and produced goods, we’re opening an online marketplace!

Introducing the ECAA Community Market!

Locally Made, Grown, and Produced Goods

The ECAA Community Market will be a monthly online market where customers can shop and support local businesses. Vendors will sell their goods to customers in and around Elbert County with one stop online shopping and convenient customer pick-up. The market will take place once each month and ordering will be open for approximately one week prior to customer pickup day. The day after orders close, vendors will bring their ordered goods to the customer pickup location. Customers will be able to order from dozens of vendors in a single transaction and will pick up their order on pick-up day.

How do you sign up or shop the market?

As you can imagine, there are a lot of considerations to setting up a successful market and we’re working hard to hammer out all of the details. As we have information available, we’ll post it here and on Facebook. If you’d like to have the latest information about vendor applications, sponsorship opportunities, or shopping, sign up with your email address below, and we’ll send it directly to your inbox as soon as it’s available.

If you are a current vendor or sponsor and have questions about the switch, please send an email to market@elbertcountyagalliance.org.

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