2020 ECAA Community Market Season Sponsorship Opportunities

ECAA Community Market

At its core, the Elbert County Agricultural Alliance (ECAA) is about sharing knowledge; with our members, our community, and with those who value the homesteading lifestyle.

Many of our members are small, rural and agriculturally based businesses ranging from animal husbandry, wellness-based production, growing for markets, fiber arts, and much more. The ECAA was founded to provide support for and by its members in a variety of ways: education, shared resources, and marketing. To meet these goals, we have a number of projects, in various stages of development, to enrich our community while providing support and resources for our members to grow and thrive.

2020 is a landmark year for the ECAA. On October 10, in collaboration with Elizabeth Park and Recreation, we had planned to host the 3rd Annual Homestead Fair on the future site of the Homestead Education Center (HEC). The homestead fair is a celebration of Elbert County and the many disciplines that give life to the homesteading spirit.

Unfortunately, this year has proven to be challenging, on many fronts. As a society, our supply channels were put the test, and found wanting. Yet, those who have learned to be self-sufficient and live a sustainable lifestyle have been able to provide for themselves and their families throughout. It is this resilience we want to pass on and share with others by teaching the skills and providing the resources that lead to a vibrant and sustainable lifestyle, regardless of what challenges we face.

It is this same resilience that has inspired us to switch gears and offer our members and community a way to connect and thrive, in spite of the challenges we currently face. In place of the 3rd Annual Homestead fair we are holding the first monthly ECAA Community Market.

Your sponsorship

is helping to build an online marketplace with locally made, grown, and produced goods, connecting small rural and agriculturally based businesses with consumers  from Elbert and surrounding counties, who value high-quality products and supporting our local economy.

The ECAA Community Market is a monthly online retail market that will operate year-round (April through December). Customers can shop dozens of vendors with a single transaction, on a purpose-built platform. On pickup day, they simply arrive at our Elbert County pickup location to receive their orders. We have a dedicated marketing firm which is focused on reaching communities in and around Elbert and Douglas Counties.

We are confident that this model will allow us to adjust to any local and state restriction while still being able to operate safely and continuously.

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About the Market
  • An online market where customers can buy from dozens of local producers.
  • The market takes place on the second Saturday of each month, with shopping open for one week, prior to order pickup day.
  • Once ordering closes, producers deliver their orders to a designated location. Volunteers put together customer orders for pick-up the following day.
  • Because shopping is online and in-person interactions are limited, we’re able to manage operations to accommodate state and local restrictions without shutting down the market.
  • Sawmill Promotions has been brought on to handle marketing. We are posting several times weekly on Facebook and Instagram to reach a broad customer base, bringing additional revenue and visibility to our community and local businesses.
  • Customers will discover the wide variety of goods produced in and around Elbert County.
  • The Local Food Marketplace platforms allows us to collect valuable information about market traffic, geographic data, and community impact.

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Reach 200 Customers when you add your promotional materials to October Market Swag Bags (200)*

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