Enriching our community through agricultural experiences.

Support Support
Collaboration and mutual support amongst our members and our community.

Skills that support farming, ranching, and building.

Provide opportunities that support our rural and agriculturally based businesses in a variety of ways.


Education Education
Caring for the land – teaching regenerative agriculture and animal management.

Animal Husbandry – for food, fiber, and family activities.

Growing – for personal consumption and/or for profit.

Facilitating business development education and mentoring.

Community Community
Events designed to build community through education, the arts, and family activities with a focus on our agricultural heritage.

Provide community based marketing events for our rural small businesses.

Get Involved

What the HEC?

The Homestead Education Center (HEC) is a passion project of the ECAA, envisioned by its founding members. This evolving and developing plan includes a beautiful, mixed-use space where our communities can come together for education, events and family fun with a focus on agriculture and the homesteading spirit. The development of the HEC will take time, but with the support of Elizabeth Park and Recreation and a great deal of community involvement, this vision will become a reality which will reflect the needs and values of our communities.

The Vision:

  • A Pavilion which can be used as a teaching and event space
  • Gardens of all kinds – pollinator, food, plant trials, adaptive gardening, permaculture, kids gardens…
  • Greenhouse(s) for teaching and growing
  • A Learning Center – An indoor space for classes, workshops, a teaching/commercial kitchen, events…
  • Family Activity area – play for children and activities for families
  • Creative Arts – a welcoming place for the many artists in our community

Who is it for? People of every age with a wide range of abilities, skills and knowledge. There will be opportunities for ECAA members as well as the general public and other community organizations.

What will it take for this to become more than a vision? People with a passion, who are willing to join us and work for the good of our community. To help create a place where we can come together to Support, Educate and create. True Community for all.

The Elbert County Agricultural Alliance welcomes anyone who wants to participate, not just those who live in Elbert County. To share your ideas and ways that you’d like to contribute visit our contact page.