February 1, 2020 Member Meeting Notes

We had a phenomenal turnout at today’s member meeting. There was so much we discussed and shared that I wanted to ensure that all of our members, whether in attendance or not, are able to have all of the details. There are a number of opportunities coming up and we don’t want anyone to miss out. This is likely to be a long email. Please bear with me. Attendance We had 22(!!!) attendees which included both members and guests. Remember meetings are always open to guests and we encourage you to invite anyone who you think might be interested in …

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Letter from the Board of Directors (December 2019)


Your Elbert County Ag Alliance Board of Directors has been busy this fall and we have a lot to share with you! You may be wondering what we’ve been up to since you have joined. Building a non-profit from the ground up can be a daunting task, but we are feeling very successful and have made some great progress over the last year. Our website is up and looking pretty good. Take a look!  https://elbertcountyagalliance.org/ We’ve also been developing a members-only site that has some great features for our members to learn, grow, and support each other. We hope to have …

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Written by Sheila Hammervold There are two important facts I know about mice. First, I really don’t like mice. It’s the only animal I know of that triggers an immediate primal reaction in me. Even if I am checking to see if a mouse trap has caught anything, the completely predictable sight of the dead mouse elicits screaming from me. It’s always three short screams, like an chimpanzee alarm call. No other animal startles me in this way. The second thing I know is that farms have lots of mice. There are mice in the compost bin. There are mice …

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Delicious Dinner Rolls

Written by Cassandra Folsom, Goathead Homestead (@goatheadhomestead) Hello! its Cassandra from the Goathead Homestead. Today I would like to share one of my family’s favorite recipes. It’s practically fool-proof and a great way to dive into the world of bread making if you’ve never done it before. These delicious dinner rolls tear apart easily and are great for stuffing honey butter into – you’re bound to love them too! A note before you begin: I prefer to use a fresh yeast cake for this recipe. At my local grocery store the little foil wrapped yeast cakes can be found tucked …

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Favorite Plants in Elbert County

When it comes to plants for pollinators that thrive in our area, we have a lot to choose from. Among others, many types of salvia and penstemon do very well. My favorites though are multi-purpose – edible, medicinal and beautiful. Here are some of my favorites. Korean Licorice Mint (a type of Hyssop) – The leaves make a wonderful tea and the younger leaves taste great in a salad. The blossoms attract native bees, honeybees and butterflies. This is a perennial and reseeds. The plants in my garden get to be 3’ tall and have beautiful purple flower spikes. One …

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Healthy Babies

Written by Diane Cribley, Falkor Ranch Just like humans, all mammal babies depend on their mom’s nutrition. However, they may be more dependant than you realize. Babies of all kinds rely on mom’s milk for their nutrition until their digestive systems are ready for them to forage for their own food. That said, Mom’s milk does not supply all that they need. It is deficient of many essential minerals. So how does nature accommodate that need? In utero, minerals are deposited in the baby’s liver and that is what keeps them healthy early in their lives. There are several ways …

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