The Elbert County Agricultural Alliance (ECAA) started in 2017 as a group of people who believe that sharing resources, knowledge and logistical support would not only benefit our members, but could benefit our community as well. Our desire was to support each other as well as our community. To that end, we came up with the following goals:


Collaboration and mutual support amongst our members and our community
Skills that support farming, ranching, and building


Caring for the land – teaching regenerative agriculture and animal management
Animal Husbandry – for food, fiber, and family activities
Growing – for personal consumption and/or profit


Events designed to build community through education, the arts, and family activities with a focus on our agricultural heritage

Our History

In 2018, the Elbert County Agricultural Alliance (ECAA) became a 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to supporting agricultural business and the Elbert County community through education and mutual support. The Homestead Education Center is a concept that was created to fulfill these goals. It is one of a number of projects that the ECAA is working toward.

The Homestead Education Center will be a community resource, providing education and other opportunities. Its success will depend upon cooperation and collaboration amongst individuals, businesses, non-profits, and service organizations. The concept was designed to provide people with the opportunity to learn what it takes to live a rural lifestyle, raising animals and growing food, using principles of conservation, efficiency, and regenerative practices. We want to enrich our community through agricultural experiences.

Membership Levels

per year
  • Up to 3 Email Addresses from the same organization or household
  • 1 Vote
  • Event Discounts for Listed Members

We’re excited to welcome you to the Elbert County Agricultural Alliance Community! All members renewals are due in January, but join or renew now and your next renewal will be due in January 31st of each year.

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