Board Of Directors

Tonya RocheChair
Lucky Acres Farm – Alpacas, Dairy and Meat Goats, Poultry, Garden; Retired Systems Engineer; Full time Fiber Artist and homesteader.
Bob HammervoldVice Chair
Ponderosa Plains Farm Partner with Interests in Lavender, Chickens, Bees, Design-Building, Retreaded Farmer, Architect/Planner, & Sometime Musician
Beth HaymondTreasurer
Anticipating a rural community center where people can teach and learn to grow, raise and create.
Sheila Zuschek-HammervoldSecretary
Ponderosa Plains Farm and Om on the Range Yoga Studio – Lavender, herbs, chickens, and bees. Full time professional meeting planner, chicken whisperer, and yoga instructor.
Shannon LoflandRole
Owner of Forty Mile Feed, goats, poultry, cattle, huge supporter of local businesses, agriculture and food production.
Kristy HayesMember at Large
Sugar Magnolia Farm, Stay at home mom, loving life in the country with donkeys, alpacas, goats, dogs and poultry.