Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 11/11/2021

ECAA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2021

Attending: Bob Hammervold, Sheila Zuschek, Tonya Roche, Alan Holman, and Lark Fogel


Bob Hammervold called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m.


I.              Minutes

Sheila Zuschek presented the minutes of the October 11th board meeting. Lark Fogel moved to adopt the minutes. Bob Hammervold seconded the motion. The minutes were adopted by a unanimous vote.

Sheila also presented the minutes of the October 16th member meeting. The board approved the minutes by unanimous consent.


II.             Financial Status

Sheila informed the board that there is $1959.88 in the checking account for the organization. Tonya Roche added that Wendy Walp had taken care of the sales tax returns for 2021.


III.           Voting Results

Sheila reported that voting on the matters that had been presented to the members at the October 16th member meeting and subsequently to the remaining members via email on October 18th had concluded on November 1st. At the time of voting there were 23 members. Thirteen responses were received and two of those responses were from a group membership, meaning that twelve votes were received.

Wendy Walp was elected treasurer by a unanimous vote of the membership. After discussion, the board voted unanimously to authorize Wendy to access and manage all of the organization’s bank and financial accounts.

Sheila also informed the board that the second ballot item amending the bylaws to change membership eligibility from “agricultural based” to “agricultural related” businesses was adopted by a unanimous vote. The third ballot item changing the standards requiring an independent audit was adopted by a majority vote with eleven in favor and one opposed.


IV.          Elizabeth Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting

Sheila shared a proposed budget for the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting in Elizabeth on December 4th. After discussion the board approved of the budget. Sheila noted that ECAA would need to provide an invoice to the Town of Elizabeth for the costs of the cookie kits.

The budget document included a checklist of items needed for the event. She and Bob are lending tents and tables, and donating decorations. Lark agreed to bring a Bluetooth speaker for Christmas music. The set up time for the event is 2:30 p.m. Alan Holman indicated that he would also be available as a volunteer that day.

The board further discussed how many cookies needed to be prepared. The list of volunteers was finalized:

  • Sheila Zuschek – 96 cookies
  • Tonya Roche – 96 cookies
  • Lark Fogel – 72 cookies
  • Heather Marley – 72 cookies
  • Rachel Lee – 48 cookies
  • Beth Haymond – 24 cookies

V.            Chili Cookoff

The board of directors set the date of the ECAA Community Chili Cookoff for 1:00-4:00 p.m. Saturday, February 5, 2022 at The Barn Wedding Venue in Kiowa. The entry fee was set at $25 with awards being presented for judges’ choice and people’s choice. The event will be free to the public, though donations will be requested.

Tonya will check for gift certificates in the container sheds. Sheila to look at the ones for

Board members will seek out sponsors from the community. Sheila will put out a notice requesting volunteers to participate in the organizing committee to meet sometime after Thanksgiving. Sheila will reach out to John Braddock about serving as celebrity judge. Bob will reach out to Barbara Riggins of Cowgirlz Coffee and Jim Ripple of Hoot & Ruger.

VI.             Education

Sheila opened the discussion to brainstorming for 2022 Education Programs. Ideas discussed included:

  • ·       Jon Schallert on Creating a Destination Business
  • ·       Ask a Farmer
  • ·       Canning and Food Preservation with Tonya Roche
  • ·       Raising Socialized Roosters with Sheila Zuschek
  • ·       Making Felt Hipster Hats with Lark Fogel
  • ·       Composting with Jonathan Whetstone


VII.        Homestead  

Bob informed the board that he had talked to Mike Barney who is postponing the GoCO grant until early 2022, but still intends to include ECAA as part of that grant application. Bob also informed the board that public comment has begun on Casey Jones Park development and it will be voted on next spring. Bob has seen the preliminary plans for the recreation center and the site. He believes they will begin constructing the infrastructure early next year. Bob has asked the board to contact Elizabeth Parks and Recreation to add comments approving of the plan. He asked Sheila to add information about it to the Roundup.

VIII.      Grants

Bob said he would be following up with different grant organizations within the next few months and looking into ways to fully fund a greenhouse on the site.

IX.          Board Retreat

Sheila reintroduced the topic of holding a board retreat early in the new year and including those who might sit on the board of directors next year. Tonya said she would begin seeking candidates for the vacant positions.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 3:12 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Sheila M. Zuschek