Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 01/05/2022

ECAA Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
Via Zoom
January 5, 2022

Attending: Bob Hammervold, Chair, Treasurer, Sheila Zuschek, Secretary, Lark Fogel, Member at Large, and Alan Holman, Member at Large.

Bob Hammervold called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m.

I.      Minutes

Sheila Zuschek presented the minutes from the December board meeting. Bob Hammervold moved and Alan Holman seconded. The minutes were adopted by a unanimous vote. 

II.     Financial Report

Sheila Zuschek reported that there was $2885.28 in the bank account after  $900 from the Town of Elizabeth was deposited to the account. Bob has not yet written a check to Sheila to reimburse her for the cookie expenses. After that expenditure of $760.45 there will be $2124.83. 

III.          Homestead Education Center

Bob worked is working with EPR and its team of architects & engineers on a planned unit development application process to change the agricultural/residential zoning, starting last month. The EPR would prefer, If the ECCA can organize a funding campaign to have most of ECAA’s facilities in the woods northeast of Casey Jones Pavilion with a path around the open space between the Pavilion and the Camp Ground on the perimeter of the trees. EPR currently plans to preserve the pavilion and to develop it in the future. This will probably take place sometime in the next five to ten years as it is not a priority. We will likely start out with our greenhouse. We need to line up funds for the project. Bob is looking at applying for annual Walmart grants to deal with planning & administrative aspects of the HEC project.  Lark and Bob are planning to meet with the Walmart manager to begin building the ECAA’s relationship with the Walmart Corporation.   He recommended beginning with the greenhouse project and intends to begin developing plans for it, using Colorado Greenhouse Builders

IV.     Upcoming Activities

Lark will begin circulating the Chili Cookoff flyer with Bob’s address as the Contact. Sheila will put it on the Facebook page. 

V.     Changing Banks

Sheila pointed out that having the ECAA bank account at a bank in Parker has proven to be inconvenient, especially for updating account authorizations. She requested that the board of directors approve closing the bank account at BOK in Parker and opening one at Bank of the West in Elizabeth with Bob Hammervold, Sheila Zuschek and Wendy Walp as authorized signers. Bob Hammervold moved to adopt this proposal. Lark seconded the motion. The proposal was adopted by a unanimous vote. 

         There being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 12:42 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Sheila Zuschek