Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 12/6/2021

ECAA Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2021

Attending: Bob Hammervold, Chair, Tonya Roche, Vice Chair, Wendy Walp, Treasurer, Sheila Zuschek,
Secretary, Alan Holman, Member at Large

Bob Hammervold called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m.

I. Minutes
Sheila Zuschek presented the minutes from the November board meeting. Tonya moved and Bob seconded. The minutes were adopted by a unanimous vote

II. Financial Report
Sheila Zuschek reported that there was $1959.85 in bank account after $25.43 Amazon Smile money and transfer of dues to the account. She reported that she was submitting receipts for $760.45 in expenses related to the Christmas cookie event including sanding sugars, bags, napkins, wet wipes, knives, bags, frosting, and table clothes. Alan Holman moved to reimburse Sheila for expenses. Tonya Roche seconded the motion. The reimbursement was approved by a unanimous vote.

III. Homestead Education Center
Bob is currently working with Mike Barney on a planned unit development application process to change zoning for Casey Jones Park to accommodate the new recreation center and grounds including the Homestead Education Center. They are trying to get it done before the first of the year. Bob will send around copies of what he put out for the membership meeting in September.
He suggested the board begin thinking about how to manage a project of this scale and maintain the property.

IV. Upcoming Activities
Sheila proposed to make up a draft schedule for 2022 for the board’s review at its January meeting.
Tonya Roche suggested that ECAA encouraging members to enter fair competitions and donate winning entries to a booth silent auction.
Sheila indicated she would like to work more with the Elbert Women’s group, utilizing their facility and partnering on projects as appropriate.

Bob and Sheila described their recent trip to visit Old Town in Burlington, Colorado, which is a large facility constructed from buildings moved to the site from various locations on the Eastern Plains of Colorado and Western Kansas. While the concept is not the same as the Homestead Education Center, it is set up for living history demonstrations. Tonya Roche proposed planning a field trip to Old Town. It was generally agreed that the board needs to expand the volunteer base for ECAA.

V. Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting Recap
The board felt that the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting had been a fun event for those who participated and successful in raising ECAA’s profile in the community. Sheila reported that ECAA should be receiving about $100 from the donations collected; and three people signed up for more information.

The board agreed that there ought to be at least 100 more cookie kits for the 2022 event; and that we should provide better lighting. More volunteer bakers would spread the work, and having more people to hand out cookie kits would make it possible for volunteers to leave the booth and see the other activities.

There being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 1:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Zuschek