ECAA Roundup 1/14/2022

January 14, 2022


Is Your Chili the Best in Elbert County?
Join celebrity judges and your ECAA friends when you compete for bragging rights and prizes at the ECAA  will be awarded for judges’ choice and people’s choice chilis. Judges will include John Braden of Mountain Wave Weather, Elbert County Sheriff Tim Norton, County Commissioner Grant Thayer, and Jim Ripple of Hoot and Ruger. Sign up to enter at https://forms.gle/YZFNFE6gX5fQg7iA9. Entry is $25. The event is open to the public. Contact Bob Hammervold at bob.hammervold@elbertcountyagalliance.org or 303-918-5700 for more information.

Spurring Education in Ag
The first building in CSU Spur’s Denver Campus is open for scientists and public education programs. The building dubbed Vida focuses on human and animal health. Visitors will be able to watch veterinary surgeries and physical therapy. The Terra building focusing on food and agriculture will open in April. The Hydro building will focus on water and water conservation and is set to open this fall. To learn more watch this video: https://youtu.be/i1XV3kRw5dk. Or go to the website at: https://csuspur.org/. Also watch here for news on an ECAA tour later this year.

Seniors Lunch
Fridays at noon in the American Legion (228 S. Banner Street) in Elizabeth. Seniors 60+ may pay an optional $3 donation for the meal. Younger guests are asked to pay $12.25. RSVP to Bill Mock 303-378-8543 or Maxine Barbian at 720-320-4520.

The Benefits of Home Hatching
Researchers in Sweden recently published the results of a study showing that layer chicks hatched in industrial settings experienced more stress and ultimately laid fewer eggs than chicks hatched in calm settings. To read the full study go to: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0262307.

Poultry Vaccination Overview
If you decide to vaccinate your flock how do you decide which vaccinations are appropriate? Check out this article from Chickens magazine with information on the major vaccines and what factors to consider when making your decision: https://pocketmags.com/us/chickens-magazine/janfeb/articles/1066392/vaccination-information.

Agritourism Meeting on Monday
The ECAA Agritourism group has a meeting set for this coming Monday, January 17th at 11:30 a.m. To join the meeting use this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89797826589?pwd=aHZHaTBacTFIN1JWNzR3NHJYWHJvdz09.

Interested in Joining ECAA
If you have been enjoying the weekly Roundups and would like to get more involved in ECAA as a member go to https://elbertcountyagalliance.org/member-application.

Volunteers Needed
Have you every wondered what you can do to promote agricultural education and businesses in Elbert County? What do you like to do? We probably have an area where you can participate and enjoy your volunteer time everywhere from the board of directors to the committees to one time volunteer opportunities. You put your knowledge, connections, experience both from the farm and other disciplines to work in our community. Just reach out to bod@elbertcountyagalliance.org.

Have announcements or classifieds that should be included in the next Roundup? Send them to news@elbertcountyagalliance.org.