Favorite Plants in Elbert County

When it comes to plants for pollinators that thrive in our area, we have a lot to choose from. Among others, many types of salvia and penstemon do very well. My favorites though are multi-purpose – edible, medicinal and beautiful. Here are some of my favorites.

Korean Licorice Mint (a type of Hyssop) – The leaves make a wonderful tea and the younger leaves taste great in a salad. The blossoms attract native bees, honeybees and butterflies. This is a perennial and reseeds. The plants in my garden get to be 3’ tall and have beautiful purple flower spikes.

One of my other favorites is the Russian cultivar of Comfrey. True comfrey is wonderful too, but will spread and be difficult to contain. We have seen up to 12 native bee species and 3 bumblebee species on the comfrey at one time. Great for healing, enriching the soil, speeding the compost process and in small amounts for animal feed as it is very mineral rich.

Share with us what your favorite, resilient plants are.

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