Member Meeting October 16, 2021

ECAA Member Meeting Minutes October 16, 2021 Casey Jones Park Pavilion Elizabeth, Colorado 4:30 p.m.   At 4:30 p.m. Robert Hammervold, Chairperson, called the meeting of the members of the Elbert County Agricultural Alliance to order. Also in attendance were Roann Keen, Christian Ray, Tonya Roche, Sheila Zuschek, and Lark …

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Board Meeting October 11, 2021

ECAA Board Meeting Minutes October 11, 2021 Attendees: Bob Hammervold, Chairman, Sheila Zuschek, Secretary, Lark Fogel, Members at Large, and Alan Holman, Member at Large I.           Minutes Sheila Zuschek presented the minutes of the September 20th board meeting.  Lark Fogel moved to adopt the minutes. Bob …

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